Getting an eCommerce site up and running can be done with a single click these days. The big challenge, however, is to have the deep integration that will actually scale and make your business successful.

Rely on our unique experience with large scale eCommerce deployments in various industries.

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Case Study

netCUBED developed a custom-tailored eCommerce solution for a big, internationally operating retailer for dentists' supplies. With over 20,000 products in stock and prices changing on a daily basis, this required a solid architecture that could grow. The system integrates with a legacy ERP system, the customer relationship management system and the financial management system. In order to ensure future scalability and growth, all interfaces are fully automated for a seamless orchestration of the various business processes.


We rely on open source technology for our custom eCommerce solutions. Our technology stack is based on Spree Commerce as the basis, extended by several micro services for interfacing with existing infrastructure as well as Elasticsearch for the best search experience.

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At the core of every eCommerce solution is an API server that provides the necessary level of abstraction. This allows our customer to replace certain pieces of their eCommerce ecosystem without having to worry about number of systems that are attached to it. All that is required is the integration with the API server to ensure uninterrupted operations.